Friday, September 10, 2010

Non UFC Brand Companies Have No Chance

Is it me or this the UFC brand so pervasive in the minds of mainstream fans that they won't recognize any other organizations that show out MMA. Calling everything MMA as UFC is nothing new but it sure feels like the UFC brand is stronger than ever.

I don't mind the freak shows that these gone by night MMA companies create, but really, all they can hope for is quick bucks if the PPV and audience show up. Pretty risky propositions.

The only other legitimate company that consistently puts out fights and is on the MMA RADAR is Strikeforce. And they are concentrated in the California area. The west coast has always been receptive to MMA. The UFC has really been the only ones able to capture the east coast fans. They are pretty rabid about buying whatever bullshit fights get spewed out.

Anyways, the spectacle is still greater than the sport.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

NYS MMA Bill A02009 Continues

Link to Bill

A02009 Summary:

BILL NO    A02009C  SAME AS    Same as S 2165-B  SPONSOR    Englebright  COSPNSR    Bing, Hevesi, Peoples-Stokes, Crouch, Zebrowski, Rivera J  MLTSPNSR   Alfano, Ball, Barra, Boyle, Gianaris, McKevitt, Murray, Rabbitt,            Raia, Saladino, Wright  Amd SS4, 5-a & 6, Chap 912 of 1920; amd SS451 & 452, Tax L  Establishes protocols for combative sports; authorizes mixed martial arts events in this state; establishes procedures for applications for licenses; establishes penalties for violations; imposes taxes on gross receipts of such events.
BILL NO    A02009C  01/15/2009 referred to tourism, arts and sports development 03/17/2009 amend (t) and recommit to tourism, arts and sports development 03/17/2009 print number 2009a 04/22/2009 amend and recommit to tourism, arts and sports development 04/22/2009 print number 2009b 06/03/2009 reported referred to codes 06/15/2009 amend and recommit to codes 06/15/2009 print number 2009c 06/17/2009 reported referred to ways and means 01/06/2010 referred to tourism, arts and sports development 06/03/2010 reported referred to codes 06/14/2010 reported referred to ways and means 

Monday, May 10, 2010

Contest Winners of Laser Correction Contest

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Incendia Health. All opinions are 100% mine.

Recently, there was a iLASIK Video Contest sponsored by Abbott Medical Optics Inc. (AMO), a global leader in laser vision correction. The entrants created videos on how their lives have been improved ever since they got their visions improved through laser surgery.

A lot of these videos are informative and quite inspirational. As someone who requires vision assistance, their stories and contest entries really struck a personal chord. They are very much like me. Always hassling around with glasses and contacts.

My favorite was from the category, "My Contacts Are Getting In The Way Of My Good Time." The winner of the First Prize was You GOTTA Be Kidding Me! A true Story by Robbo. When his contacts fell down and broke down in the middle, I remember an incident where that exact situation occurred for me. It was a terrible day that was made worse. I was on a date and losing one contact in my eye, pretty much ruined the rest of the evening. I could not read the dinner menu without closing one eye and looking like a pirate. It was dreadful. I can go back and laugh at the situation now but at the moment, it was the most horrendous experience I’ve ever had. Don’t let this be you!

Check out the rest of the winners of the iLASIK Video Contest. While you are there, you can register to receive valuable eye care products too.

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